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(Table of Exercises)

Lesson 1

  • A Northwest Gardener
  • Nwgdnr.css
  • Toestyle2.css
  • TOE

  • Lesson 2

  • I didn't do this yet.
  • Holidays are crazy this year

  • Lesson 3

  • Below are parts of the lesson. Will do the rest later
  • A Northwest Gardener
  • Nwgdnr.css
  • Lesson ?

  • This is my website again! Both the style sheet and the java script work independently. I think the background instructions in my css file was the problem so I took them out. (Too bad, because I really liked the fixed background graphic with the text scrolling.) I would like the graphics info to be in my external css file, but couldn't make it work. Any ideas?
  • A Northwest Gardener
  • Nwgdnr.css
  • Colors.js
  • My Website With Updated Java Script

  • Whee!!! It seems to work! At least the right color showed at the right time!
  • A Northwest Gardener
  • Nwgdnr.css
  • Dawn.css
  • Morning.css
  • Midday.css
  • Afternoon.css
  • Twilight.css
  • Night.css
  • Colorscss.js