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So Long! Farewell! Auf Wiedersehen! Adieu! To you, and you, and you, and you and you.... ~~Sound of Music~~

Now it's time to say goodbye to our CSS family..... Glo's been great! We've stayed up do our lessons right! ~~Takeoff on Mickey Mouse Club Theme~~

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Absolute and Relative Positioning

Relative Positioning - To make compost, you just stack up green matter, brown matter, add water, air, turn and wait. What you get is black gold and lots of volunteer plants. My favorite volunteers were hellebores --lots of hellebores.

Absolute Positioning - Hey! Where did the absolutely positioned item go?! Check out the title!

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two one

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This is a scrolling overflow paragraph and picture. I sure hope this works! If it doesn't I will just have to work on it some more!

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Abi, adabe, adabe....That's all folks! ~ Porky Pig (I think, and don't ask what studio he works for...cuz I don't remember.) ~

Until next term! Thanks Glo!! ~ Yael ~