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Simplify Your Life

Too Much Stuff

Amalgamated Crap

Life requires a lot of stuff. And each stuff needs its own home. When stuff becomes free-range, your home becomes cluttered.

Today's home has many uses including:

Each of these facets of living requires stuff and storage. Look to Too Much Paper for help in the office.

Storage for CDs and DVDs comes in many attractive sizes, styles and materials. You might choose CD wallets, a storage tower or even CD size filing cabinets. Look for storage solutions in office supply stores, novelty catalogs, discount stores and music/video stores.

Closets, cabinets and furniture are meant to house most of our other stuff. But some stuff needs to be at the ready. Some stuff doesn't seem worthy of precious closet space. Other stuff is too big for bureau drawers. Turn to the basket for many of these items.


Used efficiently baskets can be decorative as well as functional. Baskets can be expensive, but do not have to be. Warehouse clubs, crafts stores, discount stores and closeout stores offer great looking baskets at reasonable prices.

Kitchen Baskets placed atop cabinets can hold gift bows, sewing notions, backup diskettes, supplies from warehouse clubs (six rolls of tape, a dozen boxes of pens, whatever). Be sure to place loose items in plastic bags to keep the dust out. And do not store food this way unless it is in sealed metal containers (squeak, squeak). Leave a few empty baskets up there for serving chips or bread. Most baskets can be sprayed with the kitchen sink sprayer.
Bedroom Old-fashioned bureaus with their spindly legs are just calling for baskets to be stowed below them. Baskets can keep your bulky sweaters from taking up precious drawer space. And don't forget the underbed. Let an attactive basket holding your linens peek out from the bedskirt.
Bathroom In the bathroom, vanity top baskets hold hair accessories, rolls of toilet paper, fresh towels and more.
Entryway fishing basket My downstairs hallway sports a three-tiered basket holding hats, mittens and gloves. A hanging closed lid basket on the coat closet door doorknob holds empty plastic bags (to be taken along on the dog's walk).

As you shop for baskets, think of the odd-shaped empty spots where you can use them to keep frequently used items at hand and seldom used items stowed prettily away.

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Float image right. Text shows up to the side and flows under if the text is long enough.

Float image left. Text shows up to the side and flows under if the text is long enough.

Float image right. Clear right. Pushes the text below the image.

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Line Height

This is an example of regular line height. It has an average amount of space between lines, that which you would normally expect when reading some text.

This is an example of wider line spacing. As you can see the spaces between the lines are wider and if it is too wide, it may even be harder to read. This is about right, because it is double spaced. I used to write papers with double spacing. Much further than this, though, and I would have toruble reading it.

This is an example of squashed line spacing. It is much too close. You have trouble reading it because it is too close. I sure know that I am having some trouble with it. Boy, is this squashed. I don't see how I am going to read this.

Word Spacing

This is an example of normal word spacing. It is what you expect to see most of the time and is pretty easy on the eyes.

This is pretty far word spacing. It is getting a little hard to read but it can be useful at time.

This is squashed word spacing. As you can see, the words are getting too close together, making it hard to read. Oye vey!!

Letter Spacing

Well here you have normal letter spacing. It is what we usually expect when reading.

Here is letter spacing that is getting pretty far apart. It is getting a little hard to read.

This is an example of letter spacing that is pretty squashed and getting hard to read.

Text Indent

This is a normally indented paragraph. It is what you see in many novels or other text. It has a small indent at the beginning of a paragraph. It is easy on the eyes.

This is a hanging indent. It displays with the text starting infront and the rest of the paragraph lines up indented. In my browser (Netscape) it gets pushed out into the margin and doesn't display as it is intended.

Vertical Align

This is the Ionic formula for Sodium Sulfate:
2(Na +) + SO4-- ----> Na2SO4
(I sure hope this is correct, it's been a long time since I had chemistry!)